How Smart Are You? Take the Wonderlic Test and Find Out

Regularly utilized in an instructive or business setting, the Wonderlic test is a brisk test that moves an individual to utilize their critical thinking abilities. It includes a progression of 50 questions that must be replied inside 12 minutes.


This is an amazingly famous test because of it being brisk and simple to regulate, and having genuinely steady dependable outcomes. It is maybe most popular as the test given to NFL players before the expert football draft to test their critical thinking and subjective capacities.

Test takers now and again feel surged because of the time furthest reaches that this test brings, which is the reason they're urged to rehearse and get ready already.


Scoring for the Wonderlic test extends by what number of right answers the test taker had the option to get inside that brief timespan. Unanswered questions aren't right answers and set apart in that capacity.

Very Low: 0 to 8

Low: 9 to 19

Normal: 20

High: 25 to 40

Virtuoso: 40 to 50 right

Where to Take the Test

Wonderlic tests must be taken at an endorsed site given by a delegate. Official score duplicates will be controlled once the test is evaluated. On the off chance that the test is being taken for a particular activity, the business will pay the expenses for the test. Expenses can run from $50 to $200 contingent upon where the test is taken.

Rehearsing for the Wonderlic

Taking an example Wonderlic test online won't give official scores however it can give the test taker a thought of what's in store on the test. There are a few online Wonderlic test sites that offer coordinated tests that give a sensible guess of the offical test.

What's in store During Testing

The test taker will be approached to give an ID to step through the exam and acquire their outcomes. The test is controlled and it is coordinated so the delegate will advise those stepping through the examination when to start and when to stop. The takers have 12 minutes to reply the same number of the 50 questions as they can effectively. Any unanswered questions will be considered off base.